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In the workshops of the historic district San Frediano in Florence, Silvano Grifoni, the founder of the company, has learnt the art of wood carving and how to transform wood into highly valuable pieces of furniture that over time have become a part of the most classy homes, not only in Italy but in the world.

The company is currently run by the founder’s son, Andrea Grifoni, who has learnt master craftsmanship in the family workshops and is also a History of Art graduate. His thesis was indeed about the wood carvers in Florence and Siena in the 19th century. As an art enthusiast, he has organised the company with a design studio that analyses in every single product the respect for classic shapes designed for contemporary homes. For this reason they are simplified with traditional gold and silver finishes or finishes that range from neutral colours to vibrant or pickled colours, which in turn are combined with fabrics manufactured by the most prestigious Italian companies.


The result of this design studio is produced in the company workshops, thus allowing Silvano Grifoni to be one of the few handicraft companies whose end product is the expression of the Made in Italy label and therefore is chosen by the most prestigious designers, interior decorators, architects and by customers who wish to embellish their homes with highly valuable pieces of furniture that make residences a display of elegance and fineness.

The company is aware of the evolution of interior design. While respecting classic standards, it manufactures comfortable pieces of furniture that can be inserted into entirely classic houses or combined with modern design furniture.

The company Silvano Grifoni is a benchmark for the living areas and the bedrooms. In 2004 it also began producing bathroom furnishings and was successful for the creation of private rooms in which to take care of yourself inspired by the principle have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” (William Morris).

Throughout the years, the company has expanded its production and has developed the contract and furniture sector of prestigious hotels around the world.

Made in Italy

Territory and tradition, from high-end materials