Living Room Furniture

It’s the space dedicated to conviviality, a place that mirrors our personality, a special room embellished with comfortable and charming furnishing accessories that create a warm, fine atmosphere.

classic living room
Art. 3498 Small table cm. Ø 67 x H.65
Art. 3395 Table cm. L.120 x P.75 x H.45
Art. 3669 Sofà in fabric cat.1 cm. L.160 x P.74 x H.112
classic elegant living room furniture: details | classic luxury floor lamp | classic style table
Art. 3641 Table cm. Ø53 x H.74
Art. 1613 Floor lamp cm. Ø60 x H.157
Art. 760 Lampshade
classic living room furniture
Art. 2479 Mirror cm. L.114 x H.140
Art. 2480 Console table cm. L.150 x P.57 x H.92
Art. 810 Lampshade Art. 1675 Table lamp cm. Ø50 x H.74
table for tv classic living room furniture
Art. 86/1 Etagere with 2 drawers cm. L.145 x P.40 x H.48
TV display cabinet | etagere | classic contemporary living room furniture
Art. 2463 Tv stand showcase cm L.150 x P.34 x H.120
Art. 86 Etagere cm. L.145 x P.40 x H.48
classic living room furniture well lit
Art. 3540 Armchair in fabric cat. 1 cm. L.60 x P.51 x H.98
Art. 3439 Table cm. L.75 x P.75 x H.47
Art. 804 Lampshade Art. 1675/P Table lamp cm. Ø 35 x H.53
three seater sofa in charming fabric
Art. 3708 Sofà 3 seats in fabric cat.1 cm. L.235 x P.83 x H.110
console 3 drawers with mirror | elegant living room
Art. 3559 Mirror cm. L.150 x H.102
Art. 2490 Console table with 3 drawers cm. L.152 x P.54 x H.89
solid wood and glass coffee table | classic style table lamp | fabric armchair italian category 1 | beige colours
Art. 804 Lampshade Art. 1732 Table lamp cm. Ø35 x H.63
Art. 3484 Table cm. L.120 x P.71 x H.47
Art. 3432Armchair in fabric cat. 1 cm. L.60 x P.49 x H.100
modern classic living room furniture
Art. 2420 Mirror cm. L.90 x H.110
Art. 75 Fireplace with electric fire cm. L.130 x P.28 x H.120
Art. 3433/2 Small table cm. L.130 x P.90 x H.47
Art. 3668 Armchair in fabric cat.1 cm. L.83 x P.74 x H.108
three-seater sofa | armchair | coffee table
Art. 3714 Sofà 3 seats in fabric cat. 2 cm. L.270 x P.108 x H.108
Art. 3715 Artmchair in fabric cat.2 cm. L.124 x P.105 x H.100
Art. 3487/1 Coffee table cm. L.110 x P.72 x H.49






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