Illuminating is also decorating. Every room sparks beauty and creates exclusive reflections thanks to the combination of woodworking and light.

precious eighteen-light lamp
Art. 835 Lampshade Art. 539 18 lights chandelier cm. Ø 120 x H.123
perforated lanterns 3 lights in the elegant living room
Art. 536 3 lights perforated lantern cm. Ø 38 x H.77
precious lamps | wall sconce
Art. 1738 2 lights wall lamp cm. Ø 33 x H.23 Art. 827 Lampshade
Decape and gold wall lamp and floor: lamp classic luxury furniture
Art. 1678 Wall lamp cm. L.120 x H.47 Art. 827 Lampshade
Art. 760 Lampshade Art. 1613 Floor lamp cm. Ø 60 x H.157
precious table lamp with antique white, Mecca and turtledove finish
Art. 823 Lampshade Art. 1688 Table lamp cm. Ø40 x H.75
4 lights and 3 lights lantern
Art. 5303 lights lantern cm. L.29 x H.56
Art. 534 4 lights lantern cm. L.46 x H.82
lamps wall sconce with two lights
Art. 779 Lampshade Art. 1721 2 lights wall lamp cm. L.33 x H.52
18 lights chandelier with lampshade
Art. 544 18 lights chandelier cm. Ø112 x H.125 Art. 827 Lampshade






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